Announcing Hopscotch subscriptions


^^^ does that answer your question?


Thank you so much! I didn't see that.


This is going to be so useful for awesome graphics in games! I'd love to see what some people can do with this!


Check out my kewl new profile pic on the app.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Awesome! Do you think this new update will decrease competition (meaning HS has less ground to catch up to Scratch) or increase competition or neither?


Perhaps if you added some extra features for subscribers such as :

  • Creating custom sounds ( As a few people have already mentioned )

  • Being able to customize the color of your hopscotch username ( just an idea :blush: )

Also if you were able to reduce the price to around £6.00 it would be a lot more affordable.

Thank you for making this amazing new update and keeping hopscotch ausome! :smile:


For the third, use an app like procreate to draw on it!


My dad agreed!! He said he'd rather pay for this than my animal jam membership.


That's really good!!!!!!!


Oh I didn't think of that. :grin:
I'll edit it. :smile:


Ikr I thought he was going to say no. How about you?


I have allowance, and I got a free trial becuase I have been on and as well I am a beta tester.


Oh, good question.

One big difference is that Hopscotch is on mobile devices. I think we're way ahead here.

Scratch has some features that we don't, though, and this update makes HS more powerful and decreases competition.

But I'm curious what you think!


These are awesome ideas!!


How do you become a beta tester??


Can you have a delay for adding features to the free version instead of not adding them at all (like where non-subscribers will be able to put pictures in projects in a month)?


I thought you had a filter to check the pictures instead of an actual person.


@Sensei_Coder, I agree. $10 is way too much. I think people will cancel their subscriptions if this happens.


Correct. I think beta testers should be able to get the subscriber version for free permanently.


I agree! It's way too expensive! I hope people cancel their subscriptions so THT understands that people don't want to have to pay that much.