Announcing Hopscotch subscriptions


It is like everyone is so active in hopscotch and hopscotch forum


Actually I'm new to hopscotch forum. My hopscotch and my hopscotch forum are all called Pachirisu


Hi! Welcome to the forum! If you need any help, just @ me like this: @Dude73 and I'll try my very best to help! :smile:


Hopscotch should have a computer version so kids who like computers better have a better coding app than those really super hard ones. @Liza @THT @ThePickle :+1:
Just saying... it's possible. But.. um... maybe make some features more free because computers have more freedom. It's only fair. :slight_smile:
:white_check_mark: Besides.. on there you have much more freedom on what you can code with. (And sometimes share with mobile devices....)
People would probably:

:grin::bust_in_silhouette::point_up::+1::point_right: = This means sharing your stuff.

:busts_in_silhouette::busts_in_silhouette::busts_in_silhouette::busts_in_silhouette::+1::thinking::smiley: = Colaborate online and make good stuff that will inspire them to go on to the big code makers! :smiley:



@Liza I think u should make a topic for the weekly challenges so everyone participates!!


Thanks so much @Liza for speaking to you! It was a honor, the subscription is so fun! Thank you sooo much!

Also (BUMP)


This topic is ded tho did you have to bump it lol


Its called dumb duhhhh




Idk anymore


:joy: Lol exposed


@Ana random idea about subscription: how about instead of over time, it is based on how much space the images take up - because if someone buys it and uploads 2 images whereas someone uses 200 images, it’s not really going to help with paying expenses. It could be something like say $5 for 100 MB. And instead of one week it’s 50MB or something like that.

I know it’s kinda out there for an approach to paying for an app, but I just end wanted to throw that out there

If there is a reason why this isn’t practical (I’m sure there are a ton), just let me know, thx


Interesting idea…
And it makes much more sense.


i think that this is a really good idea


So every month or something you would pay an amount of money based off of how much space they would use? That would make more sense since some people don’t always use the subscription, and if they can’t afford it then they could use lower quality images.