Announcing Hopscotch subscriptions


Since it's an in-app purchase, the subscription would accept most money.


I think it will be more images than regular


To promote the subscription


I am going to use my free trial!!

and then there's the fridges who can't get this ;-;


Aww I wish I could send you money,


U can't get this mr cupcake? I wanna send u money now :sob::sob:


I wish you could send me money to


I don't have any money either.


Wow! That yearly subscription is a great deal!


I love it! Unfortunately, my parents think its a bit overpriced...


what happens if everyone thinks the subscription is too expensive, and nobody buys it, so you arent getting enough money to continue making Hopscotch better? Will you charge everyone instead of only subscibers? Will you lower the subsciption cost so more people can buy it, and you are still making money? Please respond :D


yes i agree im afraid everyone will have to pay and then my parents would think too overpriced and i should not play anymore...and then i would cry my whole life and my username would be sad12345678910
@KVJ here is a question what wold u think if my username was sad12345678910


You should have these anyway. You should also have a pay-per-feature system and Hopscotch stuff that you sell.


I really hope this happens.


Yah me too...


Apple sets the conversion rate. We set the price in US dollars, and then it translates that to your currency.

We're working on a way to purchase Hopscotch from our website, which should make this (and a bunch of other stuff! easier).

We'll feature projects with and without images! We're featuring a bunch with images now to give people ideas of cool stuff they can make with images.

We might change the price at some point for a bunch of reasons. We'll always let you know if we do.

We did a lot of research and it's about the same price as Tynker and Club Penguin. Sorry your parents think it's overpriced. Tell them to email us if they want to talk more.


Don't be sad. There's so much to feel good about!

Sometimes there's stuff you can't work out, now we all got our stories, but please tell me what there is to complain about.

Yea. Another lyric response XD


Is there an inappropriate photo check?


its moderated by hs


Good... What happened to the blocker thing?