Announcing Hopscotch subscriptions


@Liza if your reading this...
Quick Question About Subsciption For Subscribers!


You're right, rehoping (or remixing) is a really important part of the Hopscotch community. We've discussed a lot about this, specially before the introduction of this new feature. We'll talk about this again. Thanks a lot for your feedback.


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No offense but ten dollars a month is way too much for Hopscotch.
Some YouTube channels require payment to be watched only cost 99¢-$2.99 a month.
YouTube Red costs $10 per month, but that's because it has extremely cool features, like:

  • No ads
  • Offline viewing of videos
  • Listening to videos while your iPad is turned off
  • Download YouTube videos for 30 days to watch offline
  • Original shows by YouTubers that aren't on regular YouTube
  • etc.
    I think that hat this update was really cool, but it should be five dollars a month or three. We can't afford ten dollars from our parents' bank account


I agree. This would be great. I think you should be able to remix, but not add new pictures if you don't have the subscription. I remember that someone suggested disabling remixes of your projects as a subscriber "feature".


Can you please add it?


Also, Minecraft is way cheaper and only requires a one-time fee, but you can subscribe to Realms...


Minecraft is a big company that makes millions of dollars and compared to Hopscotch it's ginormous


No one told me that you get free trial... :frowning:


You get a week long trial for the subscription if you helped beta test the update. :smile:


Wuuuuuuuut!?!? Whyyyyyy?


Hooooowwwwww?!? Sorrry for yell. But im not yelling. Im suprised.


Because beta testing helps THT a lot with bug fixing, and the testers deserve a reward. :smile:


So.. if i downloaded the beta app... and used it. does that count?


Also... what did they use to send out the beta app?


Too bad, I cannot subscribe.


Yep! Liza makes a topic on here with the beta link, and then you can download it on your IDevice to test it. If you did and gave feedback, then Liza would send you an email with the free trial. :smile:

(If the update was free trial worthy)


Tis fine. :slight_smile:
But... what is the beta program they used to make the app.. if iOS can use it.. @ThePickle @Liza can't Mojang use it too?


Mojang needs iOS to beta test. @Liza @ThePickle Are there any beta app distributions out there?
I mean this would be great for those sad (sometimes annoying) iOS people who bug the devs the whole time about: why don't i get beta app, or... why does android get everything? Blah blah blah. Gets me irritated that they're complaning towards the devs who cant do a thing about it. :frowning:


I think they use HockeyApp for beta testing, from the times I've downloaded it. :smile: