Announcing Hopscotch subscriptions


Senpai @Rodrigo is vey güd at it too! I wonder the same as Poptart was wondering a post above this one :wink:


M... more icons? What do you mean? What kind of icons are you thinking about?


That's kind of rude. Your saying the same thing others are saying. They need money to pay for themselves. Like your parents need money to pay for rent.


Did you see that @Liza liked that?


I still find it as offending


If @Liza liked it, then it's ok.


Thats her opinion

But it's not my opinion

Let's just leave it at that


It's still rude even if Liza liked it or not.


More icons. The ones now are a bit abstract, and it would be nice to see some more. I have no idea how busy you are and I really am not counting on it.


It wasn't working on my iPad when I wrote that, but I'll try again.


Everyone liek and don't forget to subskrieb hui hui hui


The way that you explain creativity makes sense now. And Hopscotch is very different than Candy Crush. I don't play games that you have to pay for like Club Penguin and Tynker, since you can hardly do anything without having to pay. I like that Hopscotch is different, since you can use most of the features for free.


Good idea! I like it, but...


That's why I use free version...


Ok I found a "bag" XD
Ok I dunno if this is just me so now I can paste and copy photos even though I haven't paid .
I shoudn't be able to do this right @Liza ?


I think we're not talking about the same thing when we say icons.


What's that unit of money? xD


It's Russian I think, because he said he was Russian in his bio :stuck_out_tongue:




@liza @rodrigo (sorry to tag you guys, I think this is important)

I think rehop-ing is a super important feature in Hopscotch. And the fact that now you can't save a project made with a subscription to your drafts is kind of upsetting for me. The videos, previous code experience, and not even experimenting helped me learn the most about Hopscotch. It was other projects.

The only reason I have 150+ projects in my drafts currently isn't because I'm working on 150 projects, they're mostly rehops. I'm working on maybe 30 original projects at most. I've learned so much about different types of coding, simplified versions of my own code, and so much more from other people's projects, and I don't really like the fact you can't rehop a project made with images. No, it's definitely not fair if you can publish a project with an image if you don't own a subscription account, but I think you should have the ability to rehop it.

Just this morning I found a cool project with some very cool code, but it had an image in it. I tried changing the image to a text object, but I still couldn't rehop it. It was a fairly long piece of code, so I really wanted to save it to my drafts for future reference, but I couldn't.

So I'd like if you (a non-subscription user) were able to save a project made with a subscription to your drafts, but not publish it. I think that makes sense. :)


Wow, that's a really good point. :0