Announcing Hopscotch subscriptions


The thing I don't honestly get is why images? You could charge for: I don't know a banner on your account! Now I think about it that's actually pretty cool :smile:


Okay at @Liza! I gave a 5 star review and gave my honest awesome opinion about it!:grinning:


Okay! :D


I wrote a nice review :D

I write a nice review for every update I'm pretty sure! :D


goes to hopscotch on the appstore to review it

^might wanna fix the names of those, they're kinda misleading XD

also, can't find where to review it lol


Yea.... I HATE ADS on games like temple run


I agree! Also where would they even go? in the editor, decreasing space (worst if your on a smol phone like me)? In the general app, annyingly blocking parts of projects?

The only place I can see is Loading screens when you tap projects… and that's just annoying anyway.

So I agree ads aren't a very güd idea


Ads on the loading screens could work.


Maybe but people would much prefer to get to the game or trail art or message or whatever.

Plus the money they bring is unreliable


How much money does advertising make? @Liza @Rodrigo @Meg @Montoya @asha @alish @Ian


I'd absolutely love to, but I'm not sure if my parents will allow it D:


When you don't have enough money


I was thinking that every month you could have a challenge? :sweat_smile:
And if you won it you would get a weeks free trial.
That way people could have a small taste of the new update without having to buy the months subscription.


Before giving feedback @Liza, I'very given the update some time (about a week now). I've experienced both good and bad parts of the update.

  1. I can renname values!
  2. It's a lot easier to find blocks, especially the whens and the values.
  3. I also think that it is easier to add blocks.
    4.Copy and paste!
  4. I like that there are new characters, and that they are available to everyone.
  5. Cropping the thumbnail is very helpful, especially with art.
  6. I like that I can switch the order of the rules and objects.
  7. I like seeing all of the code in one place. I used to hate this, but it grew on me.
  1. In a choose your own adventure project, it is just as annoying to have to collapse all of the code every time I tap edit as it is to have to scroll through all of the rules that I have open whIle coding.
  2. Sometimes, objects and their rules randomly disappear.
  3. Uploading pictures was added. It destroys creativity.
  4. Subscribing has been added. I understand the reasons behind it, but for me to subscribe for the school year, it would cost $72. Don't you think that's a little expensive for a game?
  5. I can't set text to a value, disabling timers.
    6.It's harder to delete anything. I think it was easier to drag the block outside of the cpdd to delete, and I can only delete 1 ability at a time.
  6. When I add a rule like "If Circle is Tapped", if I rename Circle, the name does not change in the code.
What Should Be Added/Fixed Next
  1. Add "Check Once if ____ is touching ____"
  2. Lower the cost of the subscription. I believe that more people would subscribe if the price were lower.
  3. Maybe have optional advertisements? I know that you said that one time ads wouldn't give you sustainability, but if enough people watch them you could make money. For example, watching 5 ads could let you upload 1 picture to a project.
  4. Please redo the videos soon! I cannot find a good project that explains scrolling.
  5. If possible, maybe have an option that allows you to see either only one rule at a time or all rules at a time.
  6. Increase the quality of Featured projects. I know that the projects are to publicize the uploading, but the coding quality is not good.


umm... you can set text to a value. I did it 5 minutes ago.

Repeat Forever
Set Text [Name of text object] to [Value]


New update coming out next week!
Yay! I luv HS!


Oh yeah, I'm testing that! :3
Super cool by the way!


Join me!


Thanks so much for this feedback :slight_smile:

Glad that you like some of the new features!

Some thoughts on the negatives:

Rules disappearing: This shouldn't happen and sounds like a bug. It happens again, can you email us the steps to make it happen again? We want to fix this!

Creativity: In some ways, would images expand your creativity? Like if you can draw or create something in Paper or Assembly or with color pencils, and then include it in your project? For example, in Hopscotch, all the icons you see are drawn by @Rodrigo. We code them into Hopscotch.

Cost: Hm, depends! Is Hopscotch different than games like CandyCrush? What do you get out of it? I think it's more than just a game — it's a tool for making things and learning. Also, it's about the same price as other apps like Club Penguin and Tynker.

If you want to see what's coming next, check out the new beta:


Are you going to add more? And if so, are you willing to have a contest to design more icons?