Announcing Hopscotch subscriptions




She's on right now...I don't get why she isn't replying..




Right now it's a launch sale. Soon it will be $10.00 a month, so if you want the subscription you better hurry!:grinning:


umm, I would like to copyright everything that starts with "just" and is followed by a string of text with no spaces, where could one do that? :stuck_out_tongue:

grrr... right as I had saved up enough for an alt account on minecraft XD

prepares for large images and lots of lag

man I'm gonna have some getting used to when i get my iPad back (in a little over a week! =D)


that offended me very much.


@liza I have a problem.Can I tell you?


You could try emailing THT to be more assured of a response


Can I put this in my topic about it?


THT will look at every picture.

@Liza says THT would get more money from a one-time fee.
Beta testers get a one-week trial.
I agree about the ads.


But please give credits!


Ok! xD


@justanerd why did you like this last night xD


These are great questions :slight_smile:

  1. I think images will actually make Hospcotch less like social media. People will use images to make projects that look really nice. Sure, some people will just share their pets, but many more will use pictures to make things that look awesome. Imagine being able to draw your characters, take a picture of the drawing, and then animate them?

  2. One-time purchases aren't a reliable source of income over time. This means that we can't really count on them to keep our business running. It would be like if your parents just got paid every once and a while. Hard to keep up!

  3. We fixed a lot of lags and other bugs. We're working on an update now for everyone that will make deleting easier and a ton of other editor improvements. It should be ready for beta testers tomorrow (Thursday) and the update will be out next week.

  4. See above :slight_smile:

  5. This is a good idea! We're thinking about it!

  6. Like one-time purchases, ads aren't a reliable way to earn money (surprisingly!). Also, they make the experience of using the app kind of bad.

Thanks again for these suggestions!


WHAT!!!! 79.00 with two months free!!:scream::scream::scream::scream::scream::scream::scream::scream::scream::scream:


Same here ! I am still on the old update even though I am hoping I will get it soon !


I have the old update (the one before the new one now!)
But I can't update because I forgot my password!


Why not all of them?
Yay! A new beta!


I forgot to mention here!

We need your help: many people have left reviews saying that you can't use Hopscotch for free, which isn't true. They're leaving 1 star reviews and discouraging new people from trying it.

If you like using Hopscotch, can you leave us a review encouraging other people to try it? You don't have to have subscribed or even want to subscribe. You can review all the things you can do for free (almost everything!).

Reviews are really, really important and we'd be soooo grateful for your help!

If the reviews keep getting worse, will there be no hopscotch?

I'll make a good review, but only if you decrease the price.