Announcing Hopscotch subscriptions


Maybe put assistive touch on and put it on the icon?



It's a star in the corner :D


Thanks for reminding me! XD


or as i like to call it "the evil star"


YAAY!! Woohoo! Uploading images sounds really cool, and I'm sure that many people will love the new features that come with subscriptions. I'm super excited to see what Hopscotch can evolve into in the future. :smiley: I'm currently waiting for my free week (from beta testing), and I can't stand still. :joy: I can see so many cool possibilities with images!

Thank you so much for giving us this above and beyond coding experience, Jocelyn, Liza, Rodrigo, Thomas, Nina, Montoya, Sam, Meg, Christian, and Emily. You don't know how much I appreciate all you guys do. :slight_smile:


Love the update! I am working on a cool project with it that might be feature worthy!


@Liza You asked what feature you would like to see added most.
I think being able to add your own sounds/music would be awesome.


i has laik $900 not trying to brag but my parents wont lemme use it on anythig


Except I just don't like using money. XD


I've been saving up for laik 4 years? 3?


woah :000

I just dropped 20 bucks on locker supplies though so I'm at about 200



I guess that's a long time :P

I'm thinking of using that onto some web hosting ^-^


Good idea!
Even though I don't like subscriptions, I would prefer a lower price.


I agree! :smile::smile:


I could pay for it my self but it would still be almost 1/2 of my allowance each month so I don't really want to do it...... it looks cool though!


I haven't seen anyone use it


I can't get it my school iPad wount let me buy anything :sob::disappointed::worried::frowning::slight_frown::confused::pensive:


Hi! I saw the subscriptions and I think it's awesome although I didn't have it!
Anyways, I have a few questions:
1.In this subscription, we can add photos.Will Hopscotch become a social media? Some people will just share photos about dogs and cats and don't code. Although, sharing pictures will make games funner.
2.Why can't we do a one time purchase?
3.In the newest update(which is released), what is updated in the non-subscribers?
4. When is a big update going to happen next?
5.Can you give a free trial(a one day trial) for non-subscribers so they know what is it like to subscribe? This way some people may think that's very cool and is is willing to subscribe.
6.You could probably make more money by ads.
Thats just some thoughts!

It will cost $7.99/month to get new Hopscotch features

Why would you sell turtles? :slight_frown::turtle::turtle::turtle::turtle::turtle::turtle::turtle::turtle::turtle:


Well, my school emailed back. We can't get the description. Oh well, guess I won't be using images. I just have to step up my graphics! :smile: