Announcing Hopscotch subscriptions


I dunno :stuck_out_tongue:

It will be out when it's done xD
And I'll try to remember to tag you when it's out! :D




Oh, yes, please do!!


Ok! :D

I'll type it in a text object in a project so I remember XD :D


Disky is CreativeCoder, it's her nickname.


I get how much it is about for Club Penguin. But I think more people will buy if it's $5 maybe. :D Psst, that's how much an Animal Jam membership costs for a month! :D


I've done that a billion times XD


What about people who have money but don't want to spend it here.

Flag me if I'm wrong but I think everyone wants this.


Some people don't have the money.

People just want to code and for it to all be fair. Thus is the break from the real world


Sadly the Team needs dosh to carry on :frowning:


If it's not fair, this isn't my game.


… not much I can say really. You can join us fridges and freezers enjoying the free version or pay for the kewl features


im not paying

I don't want to be part of hs of there people that are higher than others.


They're not higher. And Liza said the price could change to be cheaper. Plus the free version will still get new stuff!


Everything should be fair this is our break from reality. Now their making us pay?!


They have to otherwise HS will end.


Hey, I'm not either :stuck_out_tongue:

Join the fridges


Ok. Here's i part where the mods need to suspend me before I blow up.


Just stare at my profile GIF or


I can't do it.

I. Can't. Look. At. The. Update. Icon. In. Hs.