Announcing Hopscotch subscriptions




I'm so excited :DDDD


Hey @Liza! I love the idea, it seems so cool!

I only find one little problem. :slight_smile:

Won't this make HS less challenging, and less creative? People may think, "Now how do I code this for my game? Oh wait, I can just use a picture."

If you want a good coding app, don't make it too easy. I'm probably not subscribing, but if I can earn the money (my parents wouldn't give it to me XD) then honestly, I'm not going to use pictures unless it's the point of the project- that it includes pictures.

I just think that it won't encourage creativity and challenging work. Because all the subs can just... use a picture.


I can't wait until I can earn the money to subscribe!:smiley:
This is going to be the best update ever!:laughing:


You actually get a free trial for being a beta tester!


What did you say?



Will new "features" be available free?


What are "Questins"?? :stuck_out_tongue:


Sorry I just got back from the first say of school im tired :sweat_smile:


It's ok :stuck_out_tongue:


Scratch has the ability to use pictures. It has more users, too. It has more features, so you can do more things with it than Hopscotch... for free!!


No. :rage::rage:


Wait, isnt hopscotch suppost to be easy?


Scratch is way more popular than Hopscotch, though.
The Scratch Team probably has more money, so they don't need to charge people for money.


How does it get money? xD


Idk lol :stuck_out_tongue:


Hey, @Liza, has there been a problem with beta testers' free week? 'Cause mine isn't working, even after refreshing a few times like the email said.


I'm using :stuck_out_tongue: so much xD


Did you double tap your home button and swipe Hopscotch up?


xD I like the :laughing: emoji because it means xD