Announcing Hopscotch subscriptions


Beta testers got a free weak people would make alt accounts to keep the trial though.


When I first saw this update I was SOOOO upset! However I have been thinking about it and decided that it is understandable. You guys need to make a living have to remember that we are kids and probably don't have jobs meaning no sustainable income to pay with and our parents probably won't pay for this. Maybe you could lower the price to $5ish. If you could I would definitely subscribe and so would many others.


Are you perhaps going to make checking images faster?

Because I wanted to publish something iPad it was taking more than 10 minutes so I had to unpublish it ;-;
Will it be faster soon or will it be the same pace? :) @Liza


Well, THT monitors it they can't go any faster.


Wait, when you upgrade the price, will my parents be charged more even tho we bought the one year package while it was at the 80 dollar price?

In other words, I bought the year subscription for 80 bucks. When the price goes to ten dollars, will the 80 bucks turn into more money?



I agree! Why is it so expensive?


Yeah ;-;

I think it might be because so many people are publishing with images at the same time and subscribing and it gets hard!
But I dunno :D



You will be charged more next year, but not this year.


Are you going to decrease the price? You will get way more subscribers if you reduce it to $2.99/month and $29.99/year. Tynker has lower prices than Hopscotch, and it's available as a $40 one-time fee.


@Liza I subscribed for the year one but it's not letting me put images. Is there a step I skipped?


I was wondering how you check through each picture. I was assuming you had a scanner of some sort, but now I'm not so sure...


I was wondering if there was any way too receive a free trial if you're not a moderator? :thinking:
I'm not sure if I'm ready to pay all that money when haven't tried it out. :grin:
( sorry for tagging you again )


I'm pretty sure THT is thinking about it. Someone emailed them.


if you need money, here are some things on what to do:
• Dog walk
• Babysit
• Do more chores in exchange for money (I'm doing that)
• Start a lemonade stand


But then people could make a ton of accounts and then just keep the trial.


I emailed THT with some combined opinions of my dad and I...


I hear THT is moderating all the images, so if I do some experimenting with a hack that may involve about a hundred pictures or more, will that jam up the moderation system or can I go ahead?


I already subscribed, so would anyone like my free trial from beta testing? I need your username so i can put it in because the link contains my email.


my username is aquabluelips


K, I put it in. I'll tell you when it is applied.