Announcing Hopscotch subscriptions


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I never use any payment stuff and that.


I would like the old ones back.


No. I think you should be able to.


Payment payment payment payment and my parents never do these paid stuff and all that


Email THT at
for information!


I absolutely love the update and especially the subscription!

@Liza @staff
It's so awesum!
Thanks THT for whoever out my pixel art pug in the customized profile preview thingy!
Thanks Rodrigo for answering me!

•It takes more than like, 20 minutes for me to upload a project with pics ;-; pls make it faster!
•Some people are already using only pics and not doing much coding which I find concerning ;-;
•I'm getting sad because like, half the community is mad at you guys for making us pay for pics. ;-; they just don't understand that conpanies need money and that subscriptions is the best way to get it! You can also add a shop where you can my plush characters and blocks! That would be awesome and a gud way of making money besides the subscription! Maybe lower the price a little though, more people could afford it and won't quit because if feeling left out! :D

• Now we can add more pics xD it's awesome, and I love customized profile pics!
•People can start making cooler games with the images they choose, Yey!

Thanks for this amazing update! :D
Liza, woah xD that like was so fast :D

thats all my opinion! I'm open to other opinions as well!


@smishsmash I just saw that edit
Lol XD


XD ikr, @Liza that like was super fast :D


I agree with your third point partially.

I'm not mad at them at all for doing this, and I completely get why they added subscriptions.

However, I do feel a bit left out without images, since these kind of a revolutionary feature in Hopscotch, and you can't use them without paying.


No, that is not it at all (the last bullet point in cons)

We know that THT needs money, but a good amount of us can't afford the subscription, so we are begging them to lower the price a bit. It would also be great because it appeals to more people. We totally get that they need money, but we want to enjoy the amazing features too just at a lower fee


@liza do you think there will be more features for both non subscribers and subscribers?

Becuase I feel with the subscribers it's a bit pricey for what you get, that's just me though.

No offense I love the update!

People on this topic a lot.


What do you think?


Hey, Liza I should use another program next November cause of the subscription thingy, it's just a paid thing but I don't even pay for anything.


That's a gud point, @PopTart0219.
I think they should maybe lower the price to like, 5 $ or less a month :D
More people would but it, which so gud! :D

@Gilbert189 I can see why a lot of people feel left out ;-;
I do think they should lower the price so it's appealing to more people :D

also, that was only my opinion I agree with some others too! :D


Yeah could the price be lower please THT?(well I'm not paying for subscription just a thought)


I just got it!!!
Thank you @Liza and THT for making this update possible!! I have so many ideas for what to make!!


I definitely agree that hopscotch being on mobile devices is a big advantage (one that scratch should learn from xD). I think the update helped in some cases, but had its own disadvantages.

By any chance, has the update decreased the amount of lag in big projects?


@Kiwicute2016, good times when Scratch tried to do it. Didn't go so well. XD


It should! You tell us though :slight_smile:

Excited to see what you make (and @AcuteAlpaca and everyone else!)


Thank you Liza!! I have an idea though- what if you made a free trial? For 1 month?