Announcing Hopscotch subscriptions


(Drum roll…)


Get these creative super powers by subscribing to Hopscotch!

What do I get if I subscribe?
* Upload an unlimited number of images from your camera roll to Hopscotch
* Create your own characters using your own photos, drawings, and pictures from the Internet.
* Use images as characters, backgrounds, and whatever you want!
* Customize your avatar with custom images
* All images are moderated by Hopscotch
* Download and remix projects with images from the community
* All the awesome features we release in the future

How much does it cost?
You can subscribe for only $7.99/month, or sign up for a year for $79.99 and get two months free.

It’s about the same price as Tynker and Club Penguin ($6-7.95/month) and a loooooot less than the price of even one day at coding camp!

What if I don't subscribe?
You can keep using all the features you’ve been using before as part of Hopscotch Free. You will still be able to get updates and improvements.

Why are you charging?
Hopscotch has been free for the last three years while we’ve built up the app.

We are beginning to charge to help us continue to keep Hopscotch around and awesome into the future. We first mentioned this a few months ago in this topic.

Subscribers will help us keep the app running (paying for servers that save your projects) and make it better (paying for the hopscotch team members who build new features).

Why subscriptions?
We want to make coding accessible to everyone. This is why we aren't charging to download it.

We also want hopscotch to stick around for the long run.

One time purchases, ads, and donations don’t provide the stability Hopscotch needs to do this.

How can I convince my parents?

Before trying to convince your parents, first think it through yourself. Do you really want this? Will the subscriber features be useful? Has Hopscotch been valuable to you? Have you learned things on here that you would not have learned otherwise? Connected with people that helped you advance your coding skills?

Would you be spending your time doing less valuable things (i.e.: watching TV or something) if you weren’t inventing your own games and coding projects on Hopscotch?

Then, talk to your parents! Tell them how useful Hopscotch has been. Show them what you’ve done on Hopscotch, and if you have learned how to code and keep getting better, show them what you can do!

For way less than you would pay for a 90 minute coding class ($75), you get unlimited access to Hopscotch.

Send them to or ask them to email us at hello@gethopscotch.

Want more info? Update to see for yourself, check out We can’t wait to see what you make!

The OPTIONAL Hopscotch Subscription—WHAT'S THE ISSUE?
Hi hopscotch forum I have a question
Subscription Ideas--what do you think?

First like + reply!
I got the free week from beta testing!


I payed for it but I don't have the features! I got a conformation email. I payed for it yearly, so it was quite expensive and I really don't want to waste my money.


It should come eventually.


Its too bad i cant get it but good job tht! This is really cool!


Quick question, if you get it for a month and change your avatar, will it stay changed?


I can't do it. :confused: too expensive. Cool though!


Im still on the update from last year november rip


I asked via email. I'll let you know once she replies!


Did you use your penguingaming713 account or something different?


I used penguingaming713


Will send you a message!


This is awesome!

I updated and subscribed and it looks great so far!
I'm making a quiz about cats, including pictures of my own cat :D

I'm loving the subscription thing! @Liza
By the way thanks for adding my pixel art into the post! :D


Hi Liza I love this idea.But what if you can't pay every month Becuase I'm penny less and my parents say if I want something I have to earn it

Unless I work at my mums boyfriends cafe but if there isn't enough work for me it will be hard


Also I'm English so would I pay in English money or American


English money


ok thx .


Okay! Thanks for the help.


Is there any explanation to this, any reason?
I'd really like to know. @Liza

Edit: 109kr is the non-sale price.


I love the new update! I subscribed for a year!

Look at this cool project I made with the update:

I have a few questions!

Will only projects made with images now get featured, or will you still feature regular projects?

How do I turn off auto renewal? My parents want to know.