Announcements about Hopscotch stuff



Hai people.

The main thingy is I'm probably not going to be on Hopscotch or the forum tomorrow or the day after. It's my birthday (yay) tomorrow, so I'm going to be doing lotsa stuff with my family, so I can't have my iPad with me, you get the point. I'll probably will be back Friday. Or maybe I still can get on the forum. I don't know yet. I'm not quitting! Don't freak out! XD

On Friday I'm also going to start a collab. We're going to be making a first-person racing game thing. Or another 3D map-based game. Again, not sure yet. I'll get the official sign-up and stuff soon.

Thanks for reading my random announcements.


Phew! And Happy (early?) birthday by the way.


Happy early birthday @CreativeCoder! Have fun tomorrow :slightly_smiling:


Happy early bday ima make you something :grinning::wink:


Happy birthday! I drew a card on my profile if you want to see it. (It is not very good.)


Happy birthday, made you a project!