Announcement ;-; (updated)


I'm gonna start being much less active on hopscotch for a few reasons.

1: I just moved to NYC and this is my last year of elementary school. My parents want me to get into honors for middle school and it's getting stressful.

2: My moderator application for a minecraft server got accepted, and I need to devote time to that.

3: I'm taking more fencing classes and going to more competitions now, and I also need to go farther. I need to drive 25 minutes with no traffic to get to some of my fencing classes, but "no traffic" doesn't seem to exist. That combined with homework, and I'm left with little time to be on hopscotch.

4: Now that my dad is president of a college, a lot of events are hosted in my house. I'm supposed to participate in those, so I have less time for homework, which means less time for hopscotch.

Soo.... yeah. I just won't be very active anymore. I will try to finish the hoplympics and winter olympics, as well as keep beta testing for @TrevCoding. But after that I probably won't put out many projects or forum posts.

EDIT : K, I'm just going to essentially quit HS itself. I will still be on the forum though helping and chilling in the photography topic.


Shame but okay! Thanks for telling uns!


Wow, you must be really proud of your dad!


Man, also that's cool you do fencing. I don't know a lot of people who do that. Also what's the Minecraft server?




Not gonna share that because it has a Discord server and that would be contact outside of the forum.


Oh ok. Also is your iPad charged? Because I released the newest version of you know what


You're a mod on minecraft?

Good luck! I'm really proud of you for this stuff, good luck.


Yeah, I'll look at it now.


All of those things sound amazing :slight_smile:

Not you leaving, just the things going on in your life


I thought u left



Wow! That's cool, but I'll miss u ;-;

Bai! :D


updated my name is phil pherry m8 <-- i dont even know



I guess people come and go.

But congratulations to all your achievements, I hope that you can win the Fencing Matches!

All the best to you and your family!



i just be laik "hai"
den i be laik "bai"

idk what happened there i think i lost it


I really...



Missed a lot of things for the past few weeks, I never saw you before, so therefore vice-versa. But let me tell you a story... Long story short.

My entire coding collab group disappeared into thin air...


never saw me before? k that means you probably think I type like this the majority of the time.


I usually don't. I just started doing that because idk.


good im glad you are leaving your projects suck.


oh no it is my arch nemesis