Announcement please view! Very important!


Hello everyone, @EmojiArts Went into a coma :frowning: she is my bff in real life please pray for her. (May be off topic just saying) :disappointed_relieved:


I don't pray but I feel so bad for her!
What caused the coma?


I don know how but she is at the hospital


That's just terrible
During this time if the year?


That is horrible! I feel so bad! I hope she is okay soon!


Yes she is only 11 also. Which is s young age.


I wanna draw something for her


Thanks :blush:


20 letters LALALALALA


Sure you can draw her a picture! I can send it to her on my phone!


She can't see if she's in a coma...


Oh no! That's terrible ;-;

I hope she'll feel better soon.


When she feels better I can show her





Just asking, is this real? I hope it's not.


You should learn the bypass.


Yes this is real.



Ok, I'll believe it.


For the 29 character rule, do <lalalalalRANDOM LATTERS> it it'll disappear!


You can type <<>text> to show an HTML tag.


Wut are things dat she like?