Announcement! Please read!



Announcment 1

Btw my hopscotch name is Tropicalkiwi​:cherry_blossom:


I need some slight scary, ghostly music for my new game! Credit will be given of course!

3- shout Outs for the forum.


That's it! Thanks for reading


I'm entering "Random Tune 1.0" by us for the game. It's great for a detective game.


:blush: thank you very much for the shoutout, @trendygirl! I don't deserve it though! Thanks for thinking of me!:laughing:


Don't thank me, I'm only telling the truth! @PandaBlossom you really do deserve it!


Honestly, if you looked at me right now I'd think you'd be pretty amazed at what I look like! :laughing:


Well if you look at me, you would be surprised and think I'm not what you expected. Ps I'm not Christian. Is that giving information? Oops sorry! @PandaBlossom


That's for the shoutout! @Trendygirl! Sorry I'm not very good at music but good luck in your project! :D


Thank you for the shoutout! :blush:


Thank you for the shoutout, @Trendygirl! :D