Announcement! Must Look! Pls! Help!


Hello everyone! I have had a bit of a problem, and forgot my previous hopscotch login, and never put in an email. OOPS! I have a new account WITH EMAIL, and my new name is Kitty 33. Thanks for the support, and getting me this far, through the forum, and support on hopscotch. Also, does anyone have any tips? I want my old account back, but I don't know if it is lost forever or not. Thanks! @SmilingSnowflakes @SmileyAlyssa @VanillaBlossom @Allyb
Tag anyone else you know in your comment for help pls.


Oh and @Huggingfluffybear


You can try emailing THT, and see if they can do anything :wink:


You can email THT ( to get your password! They should respond soon, but they don't work on weekends I believe. :smiley:


Thank you! You are amazing, just emailed them, hoping they will reply.