Announcement- Important!



I'm being held back from doing a lot of things on Hopscotch.
No, I'm not grounded (yet) (just kidding), but I'm a bit overwhelmed. Don't worry, I'll still be here on the forum, I just can't make as many projects and do as many collabs. I'm not planning on joining many collabs, or making any more, but I'm not quitting any, either.
I'm sorry to all of you who are waiting for some new projects, but they will have to wait.
If you all want to know why, I'll tell you, but some of these things are kinda serious and I don't want to joke about. But I'll still try to be helpful and positive.
So this is why I haven't been like I was before. The only different thing is I keep running out of likes. I'm also putting school first, so I'll be on around 5:00 most days, but I'll check every now and then! I also have to turn in my iPad in June, but maybe when I can get it on Android I will!


Ok I understand. I might not be on hopscotch or the forum much because of school now.


I understand @LazyLizard


Well, well just have to wait till the summer?


And don't worry, the Backgrounds Club and NewYears2016 will not stop.


Yay! That's good, I was like, wait, no more collab!:)'sorry.... @LazyLizard


I have to turn my iPad in for the summer, but when it comes out for Andriod, I will get it on my kindle!


The collabs I have started will go on, I just don't plan on starting any more!


Oh yeah, I forgot about that. Thats too bad :frowning:


But I'll still have the forum!


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Thanksfor understanding!
I feel like you guys understand me better here than in reality.


And note that
As in no more people can join, but I'm sure there are tons of others!


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I get stressed out and overwhelmed too with hopscotch, school, homework, jumproping, but everyone gets stressed out sometimes, taking a break from HS is a good idea until your not stressed anymore;)


Thanks for understanding! All of you all!
Even though I've said that a million times! :wink:


Yes, we are, @LazyLizard is still doing the Collabs, but not joining anymore


Thanks, although I'll still check, but just during free time. My swim season is starting soon because I didn't do year round this year, so in May you will see more of me on the weekends. I also love football, but there's no team for girls.


Ya, I wish school had like 2 hours of free coding time on HS in the Schedual