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So I'm sort of leaving for a couple of days. I'm like never gonna be on but when I am on, I'm on for kindness spotters. I just need to cool down and focus on things i care about. I have to get my mile time down to 5 mins 10 seconds and soccer already started. I really don't think ppl care cause like everyone hates me. Apparently I don't act like a 12 yr old cause I don't know right from wrong. So ya. I'm gonna still do kindness spotters for the next couple days but I'm not going to talk to anyone ( except the other spotters cause they are super nice)

Also, I found it annoying that the leaders think they are so much better than us ( is that just me?) Like so what that you can do all that? And it's unfair that they give titles to some but not everyone.
And I've already given up hope on regular cause I have to many flags.

So bye
When I get back, please no one get mad at me. I'm taking a break so when I get back, I won't get any flags. So this is just a way to blow off steam.

@Kiwicute2016 i think being leader will be a lot more boring without me there to cause trouble JK. Your pretty nice except I do think I'm able to tell right from wrong but I just choose wrong.
@KVJ thank you for always being nice
@Gilbert189 thanks for being a great leader
@ a bunch of other ppl who are always nice
@BuildASnowman how many flags have u given me? your a pretty good leader but a little strict This text will be blurred

It is okay if u vote negative options but please explain why u did




I don't really know you so I can't answer the questions ;-;


You derped XD

You @ed yourself lol


You're welcome :slight_smile:


I know you a lil bit. I think that you are not mean, you are just too honest.:wink:


I have never flagged you, and I have approved probably only 3-4 of your 31 flags.


I agree. I can't help telling the truth


Fine but u have closed like a bazillion of my topics XD


Always use the latest version please.


@TheRealBlah Huh? Latest version?


You only have 5 closed topics, I have closed 1 of them XD


Latest version of the mass tag list.


You're similar to me
It's always good to be honest…
…but sometimes it is better to stay quiet
Especially when you become an adult. :wink:


Whatever. And u aren't that bad of a leader. Ur actually quite nice. I hate that leaders can always prove me wrong XD


Ok sorry. I thought this was the latest


Well I am gonna be a consultant. U gotta be honest when ur a consultant


@BuildASnowman can you review this topic?




mine is announcement and polls. It's not related to the other stuff. Plus these polls aren't about how famous I am. It's about how to improve on stuff