I m ight not be as active . I'm starting a new school and yeah

Peop le h ave the i r times where they get busy and stuff

A n d famous people are leavin g .But I'm not famous

Did u get the secret message


i got the message! There will be a decrease in hs projects now lol


I don't post anyway

I will still try to be on as much as I can


Aw, I'll miss you ;-;

Bai! Have a nice life! :D


It's OK!:smile:


I got the message!



I got the secret message!


Okay thanks for telling us!

I got the message


New thing I see :joy:It's weird


Aw thx .Didnt think someone would


Ok, so you're not leaving, which most people here would find great (including le lonely person named MobCraft).
Anyways good luck in school


I got the message! :D
I'll miss ya! ;-;