Annotate your posts on the forum

Annotating pictures

Using Arrows and Circles in pictures

I use the app Skitch for annotating my pictures. Here’s the link to it:

Skitch - Snap. Mark Up. Send. by Evernote

It’s free to download and you can add different annotations like arrows, circles and text in different colours to help explain things better.

You can also do things like pixelate, for example, and add smiley faces :smiley:

If you have other tools which you use to annotate, feel free to share!


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This is a cool suggestion, @SweetCry_Hopscotch! One thing that I’ve noticed makes answers even more helpful is showing the code behind each of these screenshots. I’d love to see what your code looks like when you have everything in one rules AND when you have two rules :stuck_out_tongue:

What do you think?


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I just found out that Skitch has a Safari extension, so you can snap screenshots and annotate them right from a website without having to exit Safari :smiley:

Here’s how you find it:

It’s useful if you want to annotate something on the forum, like for the purpose of showing a feature to someone.


Thanks this is helpful


Thank you this helped! But are there any other ways to do this?

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Cool t1! I installed it already! Great for tutorials.


How did I find this old relic



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