Anna10 & PercyJackson9 collab


So who wants to team up with me on hopscotch!!


How about making the title more descriptive? :wink: Like, maybe, "Want To Team Up With Anna10?".


Ok! I can do that real quick!


Ok done! Toatally cool


So who wants to help


I can!


So we should proably do a project that really could get on trending


Cool how will we do this? We could share an account...


Awesome! Or we could change our usernames to something team like


What? An account would be easier and better


Actually, Trending—to get on there, you need a certain amount of likes, plays, and remixes in the first hour your project is published. Maybe you will get on Rising! Anyway, hints (not hinges, silly auto-correct) for getting on a really good channel:

  • Make sure there isn't much noticeable glitches. No one wants to play a glitchy game.
  • Make sure it has easy-to-read instructions if you're making a make-your-own-______ game. Otherwise, people won't understand them and won't know what to do.


Ok so who's account?


I could create one but you need to be alert fir the password 1 sec, name well decide later


Username= Sea GreenHawk


Um the details aren't working...


Ok take it down. Take it


Go now and we'll fix out the name problem


Wait it didn't work when I tried it


I'll change the name to forum account


Oh noooooo! It isn't working!!!