Anime chibi contest


Hello. You may or may not of seen my drawing challenge. If you haven't here's some info!

So, I'm going to hold a drawing contest! Anyone can do it! You have to draw a REALLY cute anime chibi pic! Ends 19th April! Please name it #SOcutechibi


That's cool! I'm going to do it!


THANKS! I've had 1 only.:disappointed:


What should we use? Paper, hopscotch,or a drawing app? I don't have drawing apps, and hs is kind of hard....


Here is a like! I ran out.


Here's one:

Sorry photo quality sucks

Another one:

Evryone says im like the worst at drawing (Lol I'd like to see them do better) and that they look like aliens or whatever so sorry


I think they look real cute @Paydent12!! LOVE THEM


Thanks so much!



Drawing app ! I love them! So cool


I can't really use a drawingapp seeing as I don't have one...


I'll just use paper...