Animation and modeling


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I’ll update this with some information :slight_smile:

Welcome, discuss Hopscotch animations, and animation & modelling in general which might help with a few tips onwards :smiley:

General info

  • There’s 2D and 3D animation, and you can create 3D models.

  • I was excited to find that you can combine lots of things with animation, super excited when I saw you could do programming with it!

Resources and Tips

See more for Resources and Tips

There are tips around the place, let me find :slight_smile:

  • Start with basic shapes
    They do actually use this to make sure that everything is the right relative size in your scene first, for example.
  • In relation to learning

  • The internet is a treasure trove of information

[quote=“t1_hopscotch, post:953, topic:33402”]

(If anyone is looking at this and hasn't heard of either of them, it doesn't matter which tool anyone chooses haha, same with choice of programming language or art medium or music making tool)

Okay I couldn’t help quoting:

###What does Daniel use to make music?
Well, this is one of the most popular questions being asked to pretty much any creative except people who write books for some reason.

Short answer: It doesn’t matter

Long answer, well, let me write down what software and hardware I have…



See more for Tutorials


See more for Tools



  • Autodesk Sculpt+ (free, 3D) I can’t seem to find this on App Store anymore… looks like it may have been removed
  • Hopscotch
  • Don’t forget you can make those awesome movies on Hopscotch! I actually really love Hopscotch movies…
  • SketchBook Motion (2D animation, free)
  • Animatic (2D animation, free, intuitive)


Awesome! :DDD
I would love to learn 3D animation!!
first reply


There's also "Marionette Studio" for 2d animation.
This free program runs through the browser.

You could add this to your list.


Ooh animating in a browser – that sounds heaps handy as opposed to having to install software which is for what I have been using. Thank you, I have added it :smiley:


There's all this stuff like keyframing, using references, storyboarding, greybox modelling, there are resources on Khan Academy haha I'll add as things grow though :slight_smile:


I wonder how you animate in Minecraft?


Command blocks have block replacement commands. It can replace a block with air, or a different block. It's neat. ^^


I use Aseprite for pixel art sprite making! It works really great for that stuff. :D


I would use / and /clone in command blocks.


Oh yeah!
But that takes a while cause every block for every command block
And you have to get the coordinates
Then put repeaters
It takes a long time unless you use the clone or fill command


So basically what I said I'd do. :stuck_out_tongue:


Cool topic! Do you know any program where you can do 8-bit animation?


So--all kinds of Animation? This is so neat oml.


Awesome :smiley:
I don't know 3D animation yet, but I do make some animation things ;3


Awesome! (This is going in open source code :slight_smile:)


Hehe I guess I have seen a few Minecraft animations probably from screen recording and using a player as a camera – I admit I like some of Stampylonghead's animations (a youtuber) and I think it seems to be recorded from a player's perspective.

I have heard of something called Mine-imator I think , which lets you make animated shorts with Minecraft characters, here's a link:

And ooh I will keep an eye out and post if I see anything! I have not thought about that but that would definitely be cool.

And thanks @JonnyGamer, actually now that you did that I think this might suit #design-colors-sound more, I can put links for story/narrative design here too :smiley:

I remembered I loved using this for ideas of cool characters, even though it's not made for that:


Yeah, it'd make more sense in that category

Also, another good example of the 3D animation is MagmaPOP's 3D projects. I think he made a lesson on the forum of how to make 3D animation.. searching for link.. deleted in the help with code bug.. nuuu


Oh yes! I hope it wasn't lost with all the others... or it probably was in Help with code... :(

I will move this :smiley:


Oh no! It was deleted! That's too bad.. it was a great topic

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Ooh speaking of narrative and story design and character design, I have another character design and story design resource

— from a storywriting community this time! But it is very equally applicable to a story in the form of an animation :slight_smile: