Animating practice


I’ve been working on my animations a lot lately. Here is an example of what I’ve been working on:
It looks better when you are playing the draft😂
Anyways I was wondering if you guys know any type of animation you’ve seen before or know. If you do please let me know and if you can, get a gif of it and I’ll see if I can recreate it. Many thanks!


This is Amazing!

i dont think this is considered animating but there is a way you can make text look like your typing it.


I kind of consider animating. Although that draft of hello, welcome only took me a few minutes. I was wondering if anyone knew any better, more elaborate text effects


That looks really awesome! It kind of reminds of a “typewriter” effect that someone (I think it was @Rawrbear created a few years ago on Hopscotch.


That looks really cool!


Unfortunately I don’t know any :disappointed:


That actually looks really cool, and I think its great that you are sharing with us what you have been learning so far!

Animation is really awesome… although I don’t have any input on the topic now, if I do I will totally share it with you and tag you in it as well!


Thanks everyone! Here’s an updated version!


LOVE IT!!! So awesome!


I agree with @Yusamac205! This is so cool! How is this made? (if you want to share that)


Like this:

It’s a lot and I do wish you could group it all together like you can with code, whens, and conditionals


There’s a better way to do that.

Try figuring it out. Let me know your thoughts and if you need a hint.


Great job! It looks so cool!


I like animating
Wait a sec


Okay, I understand. Thanks for sharing a screenshot! :slight_smile:


So smooth



How do you make the moving screenshot??


I use an app called GIF toaster and it can take videos and turn them into GIFs


How do you take video in apps??


I use an iPhone, and I use screen recording