Animated Profile Picture Requests!

I know I have an obsession with changing my profile picture, don't ask

Okay, so I just made this really cool animated profile picture! (It kinda looks like it could be a YouTube intro :stuck_out_tongue:)

So, I decided I could make these for you guys! (I made mine using some images and Codea, I made it flexible so that I can make more of these)

Note: The animated profile picture will be in the style of mine!


Letter(s), Number(s), symbol(s), etc:
Colors (use a color picker and give me specific colors (RGB) if you want, or just give me names):
Describe what you want the animated profile picture to be like (BE SPECIFIC):
Any (completely white and transparent) images you would like me to incorporate?:

This will be done on a first come first serve basis! Request as soon as possible, as I might get bored and not do all of them!


What do you mean by that? And these animated profile pictures will be in the style of mine.


Yea, that was too general. Let me fill out the form. Awesome idea!



A :cherry_blossom:

Shades of blue


I'm going to start working on yours, @Sweetlina! I'll tag you when I'm done!


Wow, I made a quote.


Great idea! Can you make for me?


That's very specific :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
If he does the emoji thing it's going to turn out well!


@Sweetlina Here!


Wait can you change the font?

Also can you try it with light pink?
Like pastel colors


Dude stop being mean


Oh I'm sorry
I didn't mean too



Your profile picture is amazing. ;3;


You can do change something if it's too hard ;D
And I love yours! It's so awesome! :D


Oh my, your so talented!!
I can't even animate a ball!


Letters: K
Colors: greys and black
I want it to look like yours but with a bunch of O s