Animal Pixel Challenge


On my hopscotch account, I have a challenge going on- the Animal Pixel Challenge! If you can code your favorite animal in pixel form first correctly, you win a shoutout and I will personally check out whatever cool projects you have been making! Here are some rules-

  1. When you enter this challenge, you have to remix the project I announced it on, delete the instructions, code your animal, and put MY name in the title (Swati_Bang) so I know the project is meant for solely me and challenge purposes only.
  2. If I don’t pick you as a winner because you got some code incorrect, you can easily enter again and try to fix up your code! Just make sure you follow the same exact preparatory guidelines and please put in Retry in the title as well, just so I am not confused!
  3. Do not cheat! Please do not remix someone else’s animal that someone previously made from a long time ago and enter it in! As you guys know, I can easily see who remixes what and you will not win under any circumstances if you do that!
  4. Lastly, have fun with this! It it supposed to challenge your coding skills and push yourself! So, have a lot of fun!

Signed, Swati


I’m in the middle of another pixel art challlenge, so I’ll see when I finish that.


I am so sorry, but this challenge just closed! Let me know if you would like me to open it again!