Animal Club Sign Up!



Hi, it's tankt2016. Call me tankt. I'm trying to get together an animal club. Just tell me if you would like to join. Here is a list of Hopscotchers that I would like to join:


Tell me if you would like to join. It's going to be a lot like the cat club that I'm in. First, we're going to vote if we want to do memes, drawings, games, or pictures. Then we're going to make the project type that has the most votes. Then we're going to vote again, except this time we won't have the project type that we already did. I need at least 5 Hopscotchers ( including me ) to be in my club before we start the club. But if you want to join, you have to like animals and/or have a pet and treat animals nicely.


Definitely I will join!!


Okay. You're in! 3 more Hopscotchers and we have a club!


I'm going to need someone in the Western Time Zone to be Vice President. I'm President! This is going to be just like the cat club. . . .


I will create a backup chat topic once we have our club.


I'm going to go play ski ball on our new ski ball table. Bye!


May I join?


I'd like to join, if I can...


I'm in if you want!!!


I can join!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Sure! The more, the merrier! I'm the President!


Sure! I'm the President!


You're in! I'm the President!


You're in! I'm President!


I can be vice president. I am also in the Pacific (Western) time zone.


Oh course I can join!! I love animals!


Okay! So while I'm sleeping, you can be Vice President! Just so you know, I sometimes get up at 6:00 A.M. ( about 3:00 A.M. for you ) to do Hopscotch and the Hopscotch Forum. So you're in the Central Time Zone? I'm in the Eastern Time Zone.


I'm in central time zone and I remember a few days ago u said I could join.


Could I please join?:blush:


i would like to join