Animal Art Club! (Please join! :DDD)



Hello! Welcome to Animal Art Club!:

Hi! Welcome to animal Art Club! (AAC)
We will be learning (from each other) how to draw animals!
(Hey, even I'm not perfect at animals!)

The Animals we will be drawing:

  • Cats
  • Dogs
  • Mice
  • Rabbits
  • Wolfs
  • Dragons
  • Many more!

Sign up Form:

H.F. Username:
What Animals you mostly draw:
Favorite animal:
Why you wanna join:



Awesome Animal Drawings!


I'll join, fren!



Brb I'll be back in 15 minutes


Sign up Form:

H.F. Username: Artistic_cat
What Animals you mostly draw: catz
Favorite animal: cat
Why you wanna join: Because



YEY I sign up so Cabbage XD


H.F. username: Ihasfluffycupcakes
What animals I mostly draw: Hamsters, mythical creatures, or cats
Favorite animal: Lynxes, and Hamsters
Why you wanna join: 1. Add this to the Awesome Animal Drawings list, please? It's probably my best animal drawing lol

2. I definitely want to improve my art already XD


Okay, @Artistic_cat, @HRR1213, and @Ihasfluffycupcakes your in!


The art first club I've ever been in that I actually wanted to be in!


Lol okay

Sorry I was running on the treadmill


Kewl. I have an idea for this for the helping others with stuff part!
We should have usernames beside the animals name, saying that if you want some good help get it from them, because it'll be the most effective help.


So like what Animals I can teach to draw?


hmm... well, I can't often draw dragons well


There's lots of people that can teach you!


I guess so, so you say you can't? because that's okay


I can help with dragons, your good at them too Mudz.
Cats. You, artsy and @ihasfluffycupcakes are good at those.
Lol your username reminds me of Ihascupquake


It does lol


.....but it's actually not based on that. It's just that cupcakes my favorite hopscotch character lol

But I still see that I can get help! I have also encountered many good dragon drawers on hopscotch :D


Probably either DragonQueen, Tsunami, MegaRayquaza, YellowDragon, DiamondDragon, probably not me, SneakyDragon...


omg so much dragon drawers XD

There's also Katronus, right?


Katronus is DragonQueen -.-