Angry birds glitch?


Umm, I already deleted this draft so I can't show you, but on the angry birds tutorial, I did exactly what it told me to do but my second string was messed up! Did anyone else have this same problem? Error from recent updates? Glitch?


Hmm that's strange. It's a bit hard to figure out what could be going wrong since we can't see the code, but maybe if you decide to make it again, check again that your code is exactly the same as the one in the video :smiley:


Ok I was going to do that but I decided to see if it happened to anyone else.


Wierd, I did it again and it's working correctly now. Maybe a glitch?


Maybe it was a glitch, or maybe you might have accidentally misplaced a block. At least it's working now :smiley:


Yeah, you're so correct! Thanks for helping me with like ALL my problems! I will always look forward to your advice when something is wrong!