Angry birds game


I'm having trouble getting my boomerang to work. I have the two strings attached to the "Y" but it doesn't shoot the bird head up towards the pigs. Can someone help me with my code for the boomerang to work?


I'm sorry no but there is a funny glitch if you get it to work. Just drag the birds to the pigs! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::heart::loop:


I'll try, could you send me a link?


Hi. I was told there is a glitch in the code so I have desided to move on. Thank you for offering to help. How would I send you the url in any case?


Oh ok. Thanks. I will continue to do the code. Hopefully I'll be able to drag the strings to the pigs.


If you publish the incomplete version, click the ... button, then Share, then Copy! Then boom, the link is copied. Continue to work on it from there! Sorry, by the way, @Newkid and @KathrynJaneway.