Angler Tycoon Topic [1.0.2 is OUT!] (Now FEATURED)



I’ll write more later.

If the link doesn’t work, please let me know.

@pomtl @omtl


coolio fox man


The game stopped working completely (it “frooze”) when I tried it in the webplayer. I will try to open it on my other iPad that has the latest Hopscotch App version later. The game seems awesome though!


Okay guys I’m coming out with a minor update today.


V1.0.2 is out!

Who wants to be on my tag list for this project?

@William04GamerA @AwesomeNachos


We got trending!


me does

Or am I already on it?


Ok so here’s the tag list.

Angler Tycoon Tag List



Thanks, Mr. Rex.



Ok so what do you think of the game?


It’s fun to play, and simple. And it looks great



I’m working on an update right now!


I want to be in it! And, I was able to get the project to work and it´s awesome! I think that it could get featured as it is right now.


Ok I’ll add you.

I’m working on an update RN and I’d rather it get featured than an earlier version.


That´s what I assumed.


WOOO we got to featured! I was kinda hoping they would wait for the new version but THAT’S OKAY

Angler Tycoon Tag List



Congratulations to your featured! Even if you wanted the second version to get it, I still think that the first one deserves it too!


Thank youuuuu


Congrats, you deserved it :smiley: Maybe in the future we can feature a newer/updated version!


ReeEeEEeE you followeD meEEEEEEEeEEeEeEe