Angidrawings Genreal topic!


Hello everyone this is my official Genreal topic so yeah in this Genreal topic you can:

Ask me questions
Give me feedback
And ask for me to collab with you!

I will make annocments for any of my forum and hopscotch worm and answe some of your questions!


How did you get your name!
What is your favorite color
Do you like me?


I got my name form my actual name and from my love for drawing!
I love the color black or white either are really pretty colors!
I love you @Sweetlina


Can I fix a typo?
Anyways, what would you add to HS?


A forum tab where you can access the forum and put form ideas on there!


Hi! I'm zachyswag!

I like unicorns and rainbows!

How about you!?


I love to draw and bake!


Can you draw a tacocat?


I will try it I guess! :grin:


I tried my best!


What's your favourite thing to draw?
What's your favourite project I've made?
Whats your favourite project on Hopscotch?


I've never really seen you on hopscotch


Dat looks berry awesome!


Why thank you you are such a kind person​:nerd: