Android version for Hopscotch?


I can't wait for the website so I don't have to steal my brothers ipad all the time :smile:


Oh this is actually already up :smiley: – the web player only plays projects from a browser when you have a link to the project though, so you can't really browse projects being published unfortunately :slight_frown:

(If you get a link to your project then open it on a computer or on iPad in Safari, you'll see the web player)

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@Liza I know this topic is very old but are you guys still working on the Android app? It is 2017 now and you said you would start working on it early 2016.

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How it is work on Android with mobile recorder?

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Wait is this actually going to happen?


Maybe, maybe not. Android tablets are not very common, there probably isn’t much demand for it.

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Yeah but Android manufacturers Samsung, the biggest phone company in da world, just not in the US


Do you mean Samsung manufactures Android devices? Sorry, your sentence doesn’t make sense.

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Yeah…pretty much Android owns all the companies that aren’t apple…

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They really should make a PC version for Hopscotch…


There is , you have to access the JSON files through your computer

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But like a full out downloadable version of it…

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I might be late but @Liza? It’s 2018 and it still haven’t been made. Im not putting pressure or anything. But i love! HS and soon I might leave the place I stay. I use a school ipad… but now I have a phone! The problem is that it’s android


They’ll have to do a lot of recoding - The current swift components will all have to be recoded (probably into JavaScript)


Ooh ok. One question can you pm on da forums


Swift is apples coding language, so they can’t use it to program on Android devices


Quite obviously, if you read it properly I said that they would have to redo the swift components.

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When’s android going to be done it’s now 2018 and android still is not available on Google play or only iTunes
Has it.

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The Hopscotch Team < @Liza, @Rodrigo, @lan, @alish >,

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted on these forums, and also a long time since I’ve been on Hopscotch (jol1411), but the main reason is because I am a Windows and Android fan now! :grin:

I haven’t outgrown Hopscotch, I’ve outgrown my iPad (partly because of its storage space shortage but) because it is quite limited in terms of app development, compared to Android Studio, MIT App Inventor, Thunkable, DroidScript and other IDEs for Android. Now, I know there’s probably a plethora of ways of coding apps for Apple devices, but I just don’t find Apple’s operating systems the best systems for development, but I guess that’s my opinion! :joy:

Now, I did suggest that Hopscotch should have a web app (Idea: Hopscotch Web App!), but we didn’t get enough support for this idea, besides, that’s 2016.

I’ve heard from @Liza the following in this post:

Building an Android app is actually a reallllly big project, and we’re not quite ready for it yet. Here’s what we’re doing right now:

  1. Creating a way for you to play Hopscotch projects from your browser. This means that your friends can play your projects from their computers!

  2. Building a new iPhone app that will let you make projects as well as play them! Woohoo!

Just like my old topic, this post is from 2016. Now, there is a way for you to play Hopscotch projects in your browser! Woohoo! :tada::confetti_ball: (I think it’s now time to plug this in: Sorry, just had to. Good project of mine! :joy:) Also, there’s an iPhone app, and it looks great! Double woohoo! :tada::confetti_ball::tada::confetti_ball:

So, now all of these tasks are complete (very long list… :joy:), Hopscotch looks pretty complete, and is earning money from IAPs…

…But what about getting more users in the already great Hopscotch community? According to AndroidPub (, Android has a 86.2% market share as apposed to the 12.9% of iOS (in 2016, which is ironic seeing that @Liza wrote her post in that year), so you can really imagine the potential of porting Hopscotch to Android. You can thank me later for getting many new coders into the community! :joy:

Code is a big problem here. Porting iOS apps to Android isn’t an easy feat. Android uses Java whereas iOS uses Apple’s own Swift, but also Objective-C. Two very different programming languages. But if you were to rebuild Hopscotch as a HTML/CSS/JS/PHP app, who knows how many platforms Hopscotch could reach?! :joy: I guess that would be a bit of a project too. But I predict that in the future, Hopscotch Technologies will find a way! Some aspects of Hopscotch like screen sizes (because Android’s OEMs can create some interesting screen sizes: luckily no-one has any of those nowadays, just double notches: and processing speeds may be an obstacle to think about, but when these obstacles are tackled, who knows how many children could be introduced into programming?

Schools don’t just use iPads. While iPads can be a great option for schools due to their popularity among young children, they’re expensive. Android has seen some OEMs create really cheap devices that could be used in a classroom. Some schools don’t use Android, instead they have Chromebooks. They can run Android apps on top of their web-based ecosystem. But some other schools use Windows, however Hopscotch is an app designed for touch screens. Scratch can deal with devices like Windows that can run Flash. Even Raspberry Pis* can run Scratch, but they’re on Linux, which obviously supports keyboards and mice. But Android and Chrome OS are both quite notorious operating systems in the education world. FYI, my school uses Windows, but teaches Scratch. They’re not exactly a junior school either, which is odd as they’re teaching Scratch still. And HTML, and Python which is good.

But yeah, you’re probably bored of me blattering on now! :joy: And my computer’s battery is literally on 0%. I’ll wrap it up here and keep my fingers crossed that there’s no spelling missstakes. EDIT: Mistakes.

Only joking! :joy:

Summary: So, I would love it if Hopscotch is ported to Android, seeing that I’m an Android and Windows fan myself, and I’d love to see loads of new Android users on the community!

And I’ll boot up my iPad soon to play on Hopscotch. It’ll be good to visit the community again! :grin:

*I’ve met some important people of Raspberry Pi, and they’re a great team of people from my home country of the UK!

-James from LiveG Technologies.


Hey guys, it’s 2019 and there still isn’t an android version?