Android version for Hopscotch?


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Hey guys! I'd appreciate it if you maybe made an Android version right about now?

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So you started?!?!!? Is it done yet, is it close to?!? I want to know!!! :grinning::grinning::grinning::smile::smile:

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If it doesnt come out soon itll be too late ill already make one

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No i like apple better. But i still have an android phonethat i want to use it on.
But its just an opinion please dont get mad.

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Also how bad did freindship chat off of forum?! You banned her for eight years for a small thing.

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Friendship is a girl, but I agree it wasn't necessary

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I think friendship chatted more than
once on a pm? :disappointed:
A pm is not moderated and therefore can be unsafe.
@Liza had to do this for friendship's own safety!

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For 8 years? She will be an adult by then and wont even care about hopscotch, then tell her kids how bad hopscotch is.

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I think they were just banning her as if they didn't she could share personal information? :grimacing:
If you want to know why they banned her for so long you can tag any member of the hopscotch team. :relieved:


Wasnt that who i replied too...

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You should tag them to get their attention rather than just replying.


When asked about an Android version, the Hopscotch Twitter page said:

Someday, but not soon :( Our main focus now is improving the power of the language, and then we'll move to other platforms.

So looks like it'll still be a while until they release one.

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My guess for a Android Hopscotch release date would be maybe February 2017? More of a March 2017 release though. Since they will probably be doing something for the Christmas season. But this doesn't really matter dose it? It will just be like a contest or something. Nothing big.

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Please come
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Yeah, I really want HS to be available on an android.
No, I don't have an android.


It's early 2017. When will it be released?


In 2017, Android enthusiasts still couldn't code on their mobile devices. This needs to me fixed


I wonder if this is still going ahead :hushed:

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