Android version for Hopscotch?



Which coding type are you planning to add @Rodrigo @Ian @alish @Liza, vote and tell! What do you want to go on hopscotch?

  • html
  • C++
  • CSS
  • Java
  • JavaScript


You may choose up to 5 options.

Credit to @TopplingCobra for ideas and questions.


Me toooooo. :smile:
It would give me a reason to download Andy! :wink:
My friend has a Samsung Galaxy (part android :open_mouth:) which has Google Play! :smiley:
But her mom has a iPad and has Hopscotch on there too :slight_smile:
A Android app would be coool.


Hey! Its early 2016 NOW! Will you be getting started on it soon?

Hopscotch on Android

Could there be a way to code from your laptop. I'm currently using my school iPad, but they take it back for the summer and I might go to a school next year which doesn't give iPads. I don't have any other Apple devices, only Androids and my Dell laptop. Is the Hopscotch team ever going to work on coding from your laptop?


Aren't done with iPhone player yet..
I suspect around March/April. :slightly_smiling:

Hopscotch on Android

There's a web player.. but Android will come out in late 2016, I suspect. Just wait and see! :smiley:

Hopscotch on Android

I wonder how it will be compared to iOS.


Gahh I just can't wait! I'm being patient, but this will allow me to play Hopscotch in the summer if I don't save up enough money for an iPad! Yayayay! :smiley: :wink:


If you have Android phone/tablet, search for Pocket Code-Paint.
It's similar to Hopscotch. You can publish and remix and there's code for speech,recording,face recognition,flashlight and can control drones,toys.


I am really excited because I actually use my brother's iPad. My family only has one iPad the rest are android. So when an android version comes out I can use it on my android!


@Liza how's Android going? I really can't wait!


Hi @Liza!! Can you tell when the android app will be coming out? My iPad just got damaged (I don't know how T_T)And I have another android tab -_- I don't know if the iPad can be alright coz it's like 3 years old​:joy:


Andriod won't be out for awhile. It isn't currently in their plans, and they would have to re code the entire front end.


Plus it probably would be hard to connect an android community with an apple community.


@BuildASnowman Yeah... You're right.. I guess I'll have to code from my iPhone only now​:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Well, thanks anyways :slight_smile:


@tankt2016 Yup.. That's tough.... Thanks to you too​:wink:


I know off topic.. but... YAY!!! MY IPAD'S ALL RIGHT!!!! xD


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I was literally gonna post something like that XD