Android version for Hopscotch?



I really want an android version for hopscotch.

Hopscotch on Android
Can you (THT) make Hopscotch for Android and Google?
Hopscotch needs to be on the Google Play Store too!
Why Does Android Not Have Hopscotch?

Totally! This will be really great.

Building an Android app is actually a reallllly big project, and we're not quite ready for it yet. Here's what we're doing right now:

  1. Creating a way for you to play Hopscotch projects from your browser. This means that your friends can play your projects from their computers!

  2. Building a new iPhone app that will let you make projects as well as play them! Woohoo!

Once these are done, we're going to get started in Android (early 2016). Do you an Android tablet?

Hopscotch on Android
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Why Does Android Not Have Hopscotch?
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OK thanks! It sounds great!


That is soo awesome! It's going to be awesome being able to create projects on your phone and code on the go!

And Hopscotch on a browser means we will get to share projects more easily with friends and family if they don't have Hopscotch downloaded on an iPad :smiley:

And yes I imagine it would be a big job building on Android since it means you have to know a whole different programming language :hushed:


So I Don't Know About This, But Somehow Hopscotch Is Not For Android. Can You Please Make Hopscotch For Android


This will not come for a while, as android uses a different type of code than iOS. If they were going to do this, they would have to build it from the ground-up. It is kind of like putting hopscotch on the computer


It would also be a pain to get the community together. (if they didn't have create a clone, if they went see code into a cloning project, what would happen?)


I really agree. My younger sister has a tablet and she really wants to download it. Please add an android version.


Yeah most my friends have an android device. I think a Kindle is android anyway. My friend wants an iPad and she will give her android tablet to her little sister if she gets an iPad for Christmas.


Awesome! When I get a new Android phone, I can do some project when I am on the go!


I have an android so that's why I was wondering. :grinning:


This would sound awesome, but could you make a windows phone app for Hopscotch? Because I have Windows 10 and it would be in the windows store if you make a Windows app.

Hopscotch for Windows Phone/Microsoft devices?

Yeah that's an idea that could work.


Hi @Liza! I really understand where you are coming from. Recently I found out about AI2 App Inventor which is a way of making Android apps for free and I have found it super hard. I didn't even know where to start. I know that it probably isn't the program they use to make the published apps in the end, but if it works anything like App Inventor I would expect it to be a Massive project. :cat::yum:


Hehe :slightly_smiling: It's a little different but still a MASSIVE project. You're totally right.

Did you like App Inventor? What did you make?!


Hi @Liza! I made a couple of basic "paint pot" programs using the tutorials, but it made me realise that Hopscotch is so easy to use and understand and learn!


I'm repeating this for the benefit of @Zimri and Zimri would love to test out the Android version when the time comes.

Please email the Hopscotch Team at from your email and let them know if you want to test, Zimri. (It's not safe to share your email online — read more at the the Community Guidelines

I'm sure the Hopscotch Team would be really glad to hear you're interested in testing out Android :smiley:


Which coding type are you planning to add @Liza



Which Coding style do you wanna add to Hopscotch?

  • JavaScript
  • Java
  • html


You may choose up to 3 options.


Which one will you add?