An unimportant topic



nothign is here, lol just close his topic it's unimportant XD


Dude, this is literally the social media I MADE.
Please recycle,



Loll sorry I didn't know...


Please change the social media to something way different.... recycle please.


Ok done :hugging: You can stop now.


neat. @Cash and I will now remove our posts. @Cash? Remove your posts please.


Guys I seriously don't know why we need so many "Forum Social Networks"


Snoopy and I made the first two and then everybody copied us


If you want a comments section, copy this. (Wiki needs to be enables somehow, and this is a seperate post from any regular post.)

Comments: (Please post username)

Now, if you want to post a comment, this is how.

Comments: (Please post username)

User123 - Nice Stuff m8
123User - Omg thx

There. Just a lil thought.


Will you stop being mean @Liza @Cash is being mean to me no mayn others who do a social media and proving that it's weird that we make our own ones!


I'm not being mean, I'm just saying we don't need so many social medias....?


Maybe it's a trend right now ok don't need to be selfish!


Yes me too. I actually agree with you for once.


I'm not being selfish...? Stop. I wasn't even talki g to you in the first place.


You know what? I'll stop now. This doesn't need to be a topic. I work pretty hard on the desc but forget it, somebody just close this topic.


Again, I said I think it should be a free idea. :D
People did it before me too, actually, so I wasn't really original. I just changed up a few things to make it my own.
I just think that we should all make a few changes so we don't all have a billion jillion of the same topics. :D


Added some kewl tags :D


I already made the Hopscotch Facebook. :D

Please SBYP. c:

@Cash, like @Snoopy said, I made it before you XD


@Snoopy didn't say if one person made it, another person shouldn't
But she said it's a free idea but we should find a way to make it different in your own way


Enchy made the first :D