An Open Letter to Hopscotch



Dear THT,
Hopscotch used to be my #1 coding app. I used to fight over my mom’s iPad with my sister to use it, but I’m less motivated to use HS now. More and more often I find myself using Scratch, Swift Playgrounds, and JavaScript. I wanted to become an amazing Hopscotcher like HS or Valgo or CreationsofaNoob or some other influencer, but I’m finding a new path in computer science. HS has lost its spark for me, and many others. Here’s why:

  • Only iOS: I’ve been able to use iOS devices less and less. Over time I’ve come to use Android, Chrome OS, Linux, and Windows more often. That means I can’t use HS as much. Even just a port to Chromebooks would let me use it more.

  • Lack of new features: It seems as if the new features are mostly for subscribers, and even then, they’re few and far between. HS has lost its freshness.

  • Misuse by newer Hopscotchers: Lately HS has been used by newbies for the same two things most of the time: art (not trail art, drawing pad art) and roleplays. Neither of these are the point of using Hopscotch, but that’s what I see on trending now.

    So, hopscotchers, this is why I will be taking a (yes, another) hiatus from HS. I may possibly be leaving the forum too. So, if any of these things get fixed, find my scratch at cs524710. But whatever paths you coders take in your future coding, good luck!



I see what you mean mate


Happened to me long long time ago


I’m probably gonna be very inactive


Enjoy your coding! I completely relate (except the computer science stuff and swift playgrounds etc :joy:)


Good luck


Yeah, that ticked me off too.

That also was why I’m of hs


I completely agree. It has lost its charm for me, but I still use the app for school projects.

I got this computer thing called Kano, and it has hopscotch and other things like scratch, python, and lots of other coding languages. It’s better than hopscotch!


imo it’s far too p2w #ENDTHEP2W


I can agree for most of this


That is…




I still like Hopscotch, but the subscription idea, I don’t like. Pictures and the drawing feature in the code

We code it, not take photos or draw it


I quoted this from a man who I am inspired by
I sort of agree


Couldnt agree more