An iPad Emulator?




I'm looking for an iPad emulator so I can play Hopscotch on a computer! I've researched, and I can't find anything. Does anyone have a good one I could use? :grin:

Hopscotch Emulator! (For PC)

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Hi! Here are some one on the Internet :wink::
Sadly, the number of iPad emulators currently available is very limited :frowning:.


Does anyone have experience with iPadian?


well maybe you could email the hopscotch sure they would know!


I'm just going to say that the legality of emulators is... debated, very, very rarely punished, but, just steer away from them, I doubt the hopscotch team would help on this matter


@Liza, do you use an emulator to test Hopscotch?


I think she (and the rest of the HT) would use iPads


This is a good idea for hopscotch do you need to have your iPad plugged in to use it? And does the apple trademark know anything about this?


I found this on an iPadian article:

Hopscotch probably isn't in the "300 hundred" apps. :confused:


iPadian installed A WHOLE BUNCH of adware on your computer, plus it doesn't have Hopscotch, plus it's only a simulator.


I figured that if you install it from the original website, it has viruses and stuff, but if you download it from, it's fine. :wink:

I can't find anything, can I?

Another question: can you control your iPad on a computer with Reflector 2?


I tried with the trial version, it doesn't, but I do not know about the paid version.


Sadly, I don't think so. Also, it costs money :frowning:


Yeah, I know, about $15. Would be worth it if you could control it from a computer! :grin:


Thanks your site.
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