An introduction to p5.js



Today I am going to do a brief intro to the language p5.js!

p5.js is a JavaScript library for artists, designers, and educators, with a specific focus on art.

Requirements / things needed

  • need to know basic html5
  • has a code editor
    (BTW, when I say basic I mean basic, so don't worry :D)


First of all, make a folder and call it whatever you want! I'm going to call mine p5.jsTutorial

Now, Inside, make a document called name-goes-here.html. I'm going to call mine main.html

Now download p5.js from here
(Download the first one!)

Place the downloaded file into the folder that you created before.

now, in the folder, create a file called javascript.js

and... we are (finally) finished with setting up!!!!!!


Open the html file with your code editor and enter this code (you should know what most of it means by guessing). Also change the name of the p5.js file's name to p5.js

(I'm just creating the topic for safekeeping xD, It's nowhere near done!)


This isn't related to hopscotch, unless a mod or someone said you could on the other topic!



and p5.js is coding...



Ok! I know it's coding related, but that doesn't make it hopscotch related.. Anyway, if you got permission, it's ok! It's looking good so far!


thx! and the post was from @Stradyvarious's topic xD


Awesome! I can't wait for the finished version! I'm gonna bookmark this too.


thx, @Paydent12 ! :D

I really like the language, so I thought I might do this!


that's all i'm gonna do tonight :sweat_smile:


Hello..?.?.?.?.?..?.?.?.. xD xD xD


I'm not mentioning TEEENKERR on the forum anymore




Anything coding related is allowed here! I remember Liza saying something about it once :smiley:




I have no motivation to finish this :P