An interesting fact


Just found out it accidentally

X percent of Y equal Y percent of X

check it, math is so beautiful




math is so beautiful


Here's a mathematical proof for those interested, but why not try it yourself first!

If Z = X percent of Y
Z = (X/100)Y
Z = Y(X/100)
Z = (YX)/100
Z = X(Y/100)
Z = (Y/100)X
Z = Y percent of X

X percent of Y = Y percent of X


That’s interesting!


Hm. Interesting



Where’d you find this project


A little birdie found it


That makes no sense but uhh


A little birdie named search bar


I mean what account or project


I don’t remember


Smh ok


Yes, there is a mistake

The right side of 4th line on should be
= Y(X-Y)
= Y
= Y
= 1

but ultimately it still seems to show that 2=1

Then there’s the algebraic error that’s the point of the intended “proof”:

(X-Y) can’t be “cancelled out”
Since X=Y, (X-Y)=0
and as a rule, you can’t divide by 0
which is what was done to “cancel out” the (X-Y)


You could possibly substitute the Y with X also, making X=X and divide by X on each side to get 1=1

There’s a lot of ways to solve that


I think that the whole world should know about this math fact. I think it would make a good loading line for hopscotch.


I was going to tag you for that because I’ve seen the problem and knew it was in that step, but couldn’t find an explanation for that


I’m wondering whether anybody had a chance to solve these problems:
21 Hardest Math Problems


Lol I couldn’t if I tried.


Interesting. I only looked at the first 2, but just FYI for anyone trying them: The explanation of #2 is wrong. It should say:

#2: First let us set up the equation we are told—that the product of c and 3 is b.


Now we must isolate c so that we can add its value to 3.



Finally, let us add this value to 3.


Our final answer is E, b/3+3