An Idea For The Forum!



@Liza I had this idea that we could have a tab or something that tells us how many likes we have left. I think that it would benefit people who always lose their likes (like me XD) so they can see how far they are from losing them. What do you think everyone??

If you need help with HSB colors

Yes this would be very helpful since i like entire topics when I'm board then see a topic I need to like but no likes....


I know. You can unlike but that's mean and you don't get the like back XD


I would never unlike something, unless it was a mean post. But you don't even get it back! So whats the point then?


I know. I think that if we had this button, there would be less spam comments like
Out of likes here's one :heart:


@Kiwicute2016 has no problem with the likes though xD


That is a good idea, I'm in on it!


I know, do the mods and leaders get unlimited or something. (I only just got my likes back XD)


Yay thanks @MYD the more people that agree, the more chance of this getting don XD


The Likes:
Members: 100
Regulars: 200
Leaders: 300
Moderators: Unknown.


Great idea!


Thanks this is what this topic is about but I've run out so here's a like :heart:



to snow girl studios WARNING OFF TOPIC

I've alway wondered this. Do you like snow as how did you think of you name XD


The Reply :smiley:

lol Well, I live where it snows, and I love snowboarding and skiing, So I ended up loving the word snow. I am a girl so that's were girl came in :stuck_out_tongue: and I was at my dance studio when I made my name so BOOM a huge explosion happened and I became SnowGirl Studios :smiley:


Here's a like I have to wait 53 mins :heart::blush::yum::wink:

the replys reply XD

You are so lucky I love the snow. It is cold were I live but always rains and BARELY EVER snows and btw that is one Big explosion



Yea, the only bad thing is we haven't had a good snow year since 2013. Oh wow i just realized i made my name in the (location) storm of '13.... cool!


Gotta go to school now bye @Candycane and @forum!!!


(Cba to make a folder)
It hasn't properly snowed here since about 2008


SCHOOL? We are on Easter holidays. Is the world going mad?


My school is one of the latest schools across the country to get out on easter break.. I'm leaving for mine this weekend but my school break doesn't start until the 10th :confused: