An Essay And An Apology



DISCLAIMER: This is going be yet another long essay about LGBT. Read on if you believe you can handle it.

Okay, I'm hoping this doesn't erupt into a flame war. If it does... Not gonna be good. Okay! So, I came up with a reason for you guys to accept us if haven't already. We Can. We can do anything you guys can. Everyone sets goals in life, in Hopscotch. Maybe you want to go to the moon someday. Maybe you want to be a singer. Everyone is capable of doing that. Everyone. Even us. Even you. But only if you work towards your goal. Right now, our goal is to be accepted. We want you guys to accept us. We don't want or need your pity, or your hate. We just want to be friends. And, trust me. I know I haven't been entirely friendly to all of you as of late. And I know some of you hate everything that's happening. Personally, I'm sad if you hate who I am. I don't like people hating me, strongly disliking me, anything like that. I'm sorry I lashed out at so many of you. I hope you guys can one day understand. However, that is not the point here. The point is... Well, I'm not sure. My main idea here is that we are not to be feared. We are not to be hated. We came here to show diversity, to represent our community. We came out to you because we wanted to make Hopscotch a stronger, more diverse, and more unique place for kids to learn. We didn't come to fight, yet, of course, I started many.

Thank you for reading that.


I kindly disagree. There is no reason for me to hold back who I am in Hopscotch. It is also against many religions, causing a few to dislike us. Again, Hopscotch is a place for everyone, and there is no reason to force us not to speak about who we are. :wink:


Yeah that's what I think @Curved_Guitar . Sorry, but I am against LGBT. I have no problem with the people themselves though, just what they believe in. If I ever seem to be mean about the LGBT stuff, please tell me. I think everyone is awesome! I'm Christian, so God tells us to love everyone.


This is a topic to agree to disagree. There is no problem expressing who you are! In fact it's a great thing! But I would drop the topic of LGBT not because it's bad but because it doesn't relate to hopscotch and only causes heated arguments in the hopscotch community.


You have a good point! However, @LGBT.Coder and I have made projects related to this on Hopscotch, and it is a slight problem on the forum. We are also making a collab. However, you have an interesting point!


As long as the projects aren't protests and things that could be taken offensively or inappropriate that's fine by me! But if the LGBT topic doesn't relate to a project I would kindly ask not to post it :slight_smile:


Alright, I think we should all keep that in mind then!