An awesome way to record hopscotch videos!



Hey there guys it's Huggingfluffybear and do you really want to make hopscotch videos but you don't want to install a program for like $100 to record?

Well here's a free way to record videos!

I will be doing editing soon!

Okay to start of download the air shou app.
Here's a link,

This is not on the AppStore!

Next, download the ShouTV app in the AppStore, link

Next go to settings, genreal, device management then hit the really long name starts with a B and hit trust

Okay next go into your shouTV app (the second one) and make an account.

Then go to the other shou app and log in!

TA DA next just hit record(not broadcast unless you want to broadcast Hopscotch)

And then what you do is name it. Them choose the way your holding your ipad.

Then hit next step!

Then follow the instructions and when your done go back into the same app and hit "STOP"

Then go to the main page and hit the play button in the top right corner of the app to find your video!

tip I recomennd not keeping the ShouTV(one in the App Store)'app Because there's some nasty stuff.

leave a like if you would love to see how to edit your very own hopscotch video and upload it to YouTube!



The new update has a record button.....


Not everyone has though, like me :tired_face:


Well some people don't have that and I didn't know they added it back.


You can also just use QuickTime available both on windows and iOS.


also you cant record while editing


Hmm, this is if you don't really want to use a laptop or computer.


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You cannot record iPads with Windows QuickTime


We can record iPhone/iPad and iPod Touch screen using Airshou. This is one of the best screen recorders. It was working really well but these days the app is not working well. An alternative screen recorder app to Airshou is Everycord. Everycord can be downloaded on iOS devices from its official website. This screen recorder is available for Android devices as well. We can screen record Android device using Everycord. For that, you need to download everycord APK.


Can we use it with mobile recorder on Android?