An apology to someone


Hey guys....

I would like to apologize to someone.


I am sorry for saying something rude. I get that I am sometimes very mean and awful, so please, I'm begging you, please forgive me. If you want to, I'd like to turn a new chapter. Turn a new leaf. Can we please start over? I really would like to be your friend. I honestly mean no bad intentions. If you don't, I'm fine with that. If you do, I'll be pretty happy. I get sometimes I look like the villain, but even so, I'll still try to be kind and act more like a hero.

A sorry TheGamerNextDoor


Of course.
I'm really sorry I brought it up and made it a problem.
I accept your apology and I'd like to be friends as well :slight_smile:
I'm also really sorry you felt this bad, it's all my fault that I brought it up.



Thanks so much! I honestly was thinking "they are gonna say no. You did a bad" in my head. I'm too happy for words. And you aren't the one needing to apologize. I can do a bad and I can do a good. (I know it's bad grammar but I is too lazy to fix)


Glad that you two made up!:wink: