An act of kindness project. (Most people won'T check this out but too all of those who do, thanks) (+_+ ¬_¬;]


haha i remember this

i did one of these last last year i think


@Bluberries Sure
@DogWithAPen Yah I thought about that too. But won’t you want to help more if you know you can get a reward?
@Anonymous Did you? thinks Oh I remember! Yes! I remember now…!


@yaygirls u r an amazingly nice person! (@HermiONE)


Cool! And you know way more about Star Wars than me, kayro! @Hermione


But youre a way better coder than me. (@HERMIONE)


@Hermione, I’ve tagged u in some other topics but I don’t think it’s ever been checked.


Btw, this is an amazing idea! Good thinking!


And u guys are both amazing!(@Hermione)

My mind is literally exploding with this kindness!


And yea, @DogWithAPen , kindness IS doing something without expecting a reward. However, Kayro and Yaygirls are already kind people and being kind is normal for them–they haven’t been expecting a reward every time they say something nice to a person! :wink:


Hermione r u going to add points? I complimented like 5 people! I might have even made their day. Well if you are THANK YOU!



You have! @Kayro you are great at making people’s days! @Hermione


List of kindness ideas!

  1. If someone’s general topic is dead, revive it by saying something that can spark a conversation!
  2. Obviously, complimenting people is great!
  3. On HS, follow some new Hopscotchers and like their projects to motivate them!
  4. If you like to draw or code, ask someone if they would like a request!
  5. Thank your friends for being there for you and supporting you.
  6. If you see someone new, be nice to them! Introduce them into the forum!
  7. Talk about their problems make em feel better
    To be continued…
    Also, this is wiki, so add any ideas you have!


I don’t know if @Hermione has been on. Btw, do you guys have school tomorrow?


I have school, do you?


Those are AMAZING IDEAS, @ExquisiteSoup ! Great thinking! (@Hermione)


No! I actually have a four day weekend! I feel like a floating balloon–I AM SO HAPPY, I HAVEN’T HAD A THREE DAY WEEKEND SINCE FOREVER! And hi, @SoaringFeathers! I’ve never seen u on the forum before! How’s it going?


Hey, wait, what?? YOU HAVE A FOUR DAY WEEKEND!? oh and yeah, I’ve been around for a little while. :3 Hanging out with @WhoNeedsAName right now waiting for TS’s album. Gonna watch the US vs Canada match while we wait. Only problem is that taylor’s not releasing her album onto apple music till over a week later, and my parents won’t let us buy it on iTunes since they already subscribe to apple music. Which is a big problem.


Sounds fun! Yeh, I have a four day wkend because theres teacher learning or something, and next Friday I have off too, and next Wednesday I have a field trip, and the week after that is thanksgiving, so basically I just have four days of school in the next two weeks.


@Kayro @yaygirls @Icedsickle I’ve tallyed up your points but I can’t edit it on the post.
I am currently contacting HS.
Meanwhile, It’s oing to be on paper. ;-;


Do you want me to change it?