An act of kindness project. (Most people won'T check this out but too all of those who do, thanks) (+_+ ¬_¬;]


So yah.
you guys are girls right…?


Okay! I shall compliment everyone I know!:smirk:


Yes, we are girls. :princess:


I can be a mod/checker.


I can be a mod/checker


It’s ok! It’s not said its flagged


I got it to unflag. Luckily. I’m gonna have to talk 2 my friend bout that.

You would be an amazing moderator! ( @Hermione)


I feel so dumb
I thought this was a gt


Your not dumb your amazing! Keep being amazing and it will be fine! (@Hermione)


Thank you! You do amazing art too, and are a great person :D
Asfhkl i completely forgot about the art trade, I’ll finish it very very soon


This sounds awesome! Can I join?


LIES but tysm!! ;3 ye this is 20 characters


Can I join?
Awesome topic mah dood


ya can I join fren? ;v;
this is a great topic


@OnceUponATime is likethebestforumerever


Can I join too? This sounds amazing! I’m sure this will help a lot of peoples, too!


@Hermione you are a very creative person! I like your idea!


@photographer123 i really like your art it is amazing! (@Hermione)


This sounds like a Rlly great idea, most of us are down lately. Thanks for trying to cheer some up. @Hermione can I join?


Isn’t kindness doing stuff when you are supposed to do it, even if you don’t have to and not just to get rewards. Just a thing.