An act of kindness project. (Most people won'T check this out but too all of those who do, thanks) (+_+ ¬_¬;]


Ya. The title doesn’ explain it all.
Basically, anact of kindness on the Hopscotch Forum per day.
From now on to IDK date, at least one act of kindness should be done for the participants.
All they have to do is help a person or make them a drawing or anything which would make someone happy.
Every act earns you a point.
All you have to do to earn a point is to tag me per act of kindness. (On the post where you did the kindness,)

People would be like,
This is boring why should I do it,
I don’T get this so I don’t care.
So, I made it simpler.


  1. Do 1+ act of kindness per day.
  2. Give proof by tagging me on the post where you did the act of kindness.
  3. You can buy stuff with your points.

Important notice: If you tag me it doesn’t have to be on this topic!

Mod/Checker: @Hermione (Need two more fill in application.)
Helper: (Making charts e.t.c.) @HopscotchRemixer @HopedHoper
@ExquisiteSoup |0
@PinkCupcake8 | 0
@yaygirls | 10
@Kayro | 13
@photographer123 |0
@Icedsickle |
@Elemental_Cat |0

Just so everyone know: (Used to be OMTL here but deleted for now)
10 Points: 10 likes on HF or HS
20 points: 20 likes on HF or HS/A shoutout
30 points; A shoutout/A custom trail art/30 likes on HF or HS
50 points: 50 likes on HF or HS/Custom website
75 points: Custom Drawing pad/Custom website/75 likes onn HSorHF


This sounds amazing, it’s a really good idea ^^
I’m joining, starting acts of kindness tomorrow


Thanks! I’ll add you to the list.
Would you like to be tagged a lot in this topic or not?


I’d like to be tagged, thanks! ^///^


Thanks! ^o^


You can also do <insert filler text here> to get to the twenty character limit ^^


Ya. I know but I’m too lazy to press shift.


You are a great artist @photographer123!


Cool can i join? I think it will make the forum a better place.


Your first act of kindness! You earned +5 points! Keep up the good work!
So you are going to participat in this?


IF you can, please tell some of your friends to join so we can spread happiness!


Yes, I am! Thank you!


Congratulations @yaygirls you are one of the happiest people I know!


Thank you!:grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning:
Give @kayro some points!


You complimented and made someone happy!
You get 5 points as well! :smiley:
I use too many :smiley:


De nada. It was nothing. (Your welcome)


Hey, @PinkCupcake8 you do great art trades! Will you do mine, amazing artist?


Yas! Noice! :smiley:
(Remember you don’t have to post in this topic if you tag me when you say something good to someone!)


She isn’t on right now but that was nice!

@Petrichor you do amazing projects, I especially liked your “graffitied stormtrooper”


But it is easier to do it here.